About Me


Jason Agbodza, also known as Bodza, is a music producer from South East London who specialises in creating Hip Hop, Trap, UK Grime, R’n’B and Pop instrumentals.

Jason has a degree in Law with International Relations.

His love for music began at an early age when he began composing at 11. Jason has since studied music and sang at many prestigious ceremonies as a soloist and as a member of various choirs.

Jason’s musical tastes have travelled far and wide throughout the years with a genuine appreciation for all genres ranging from Hip hop, to heavy metal, to orchestral themes for films and video games.

His music can be described as hard hitting, raw, rough edged, emotional, thought provoking and groovy. Jason is on a journey to increase his musical production capability and aims to provide artists and commercial outlets with great music along his path.

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